CoC Attack Strategy without Heroes

Being a Clash of Clans player, you must know that the game is all about winning the war. The players adopt various strategies to come out successful at the end. Sometimes, modified versions of the game offer various strategies for the players to act upon and win. But, most of the time the players have to exhibit their own strategic skills. All you need is the patience and practice to win the game. The patience and practice is required both for building your own villages and bases because you do not have all the resources available at the beginning and wait for these to uncover. The competition becomes further tough as the game supports multi players.

If you are curious about what is the best CoC attack strategy with no heroes, reading this article will prove beneficial for you as you will read about top CoC attack strategies to become the hero of the game. Actually, the players have to follow certain steps to build their own defenses and destroy the opponents to capture their buildings and land. These steps are:

  1. Selecting Right Troops for Wars

The very first strategy or step that can reward you with success is selecting right troops for your war. Here, it is pertinent to mention that different kinds of troops are available for the players to fight against the enemies. Each troop performs different tasks. Some are used to build castles and villages while others are used to attack the opponents. Therefore, it is always advisory to select the troop as per the situation demands. Wrong selection in this regard may hurt your defenses as well as halt your attacks on the enemies. One thing to keep in mind is that in the original game all the troops are not available every time. Therefore, selection is much important because you will have to wait long for the next troops. As compared to the original game, the troops are readily available in modified versions of the game and mostly all the troops are unlocked and available from the very beginning of the game. Selecting the right troops may help you win the war without utilizing the heroes like Kings and Queens. Earlier versions of the game did not offer many resources. But, there are several resources starting from TH9 level of the game.

  1. Perfect Deployment

Another top strategy to win the game without heroes is perfect deployment of troops and other resources. There are many such players who lose the game because of wrong deployment of their troops. As already discussed different troops perform different functions because these are trained to perform those functions. For example, some troops are used for creating new buildings and walls. Others are used to fight against the enemies. Here, the players should analyze his strategies carefully and deploy the troops as per his strategy. Deploying the attacking troops to build walls and structures will never reward you with success. This is mainly because the attacking troops do not have training for building structures. Especially, the deployment decision gains much importance when you have all the troops from the beginning and select those according to the situation demands. In Clash of Clans you can also consult with your fellow players in case of any conflict. Always prefer making a chain of your resources to avoid the enemy attacks. This is mainly because the opponents do not target a specific building or structure. Instead, they prefer attacking the closest building. Making a chain of your defense resources will save you from defeat. In simple words, your defenses should be in the range of one another with mortars in the center of your village. Try to leave spare buildings outside of your defense wall. Always keep on updating the previous resources because this will help you to achieve new ones. Alternatively you can make use of Clash of Lights private server which provides unlimited gems which can used to upgrade base and defence. Thus without the use of any hero you can win wars.

  1. Right Use of Spells

The last step/strategy to stand out successful in Clash of Clans is right use of spells. Spells are of prime importance in the game because they help the players to win attacks. The spells are divided into two categories, the elixir spells and the dark elixir spells. The elixir spells include lightning spell, healing spell, rage spell, jump spell, freeze spell, and clone spell. Different spells are used at different times in different ways. For example, lightening spell helps to take out attacks while healing spell helps to heal all the small units destroyed in the attacks. Similarly, you can use rage spell when there are tons of units together. Jumping spell is the spell that minimizes the cost of earthquake spell and opens a big radius. But, always use this spell when most of the compartments are open.

Wrapping Up

Dark elixir spells include poison spell, earthquake spell, haste spell, and skeleton spell. Here, poison spell is useful to kill clan castle troops and causes huge damage if dropped in the middle of the clan. Earthquake spell always replaces the jump spell and is used to destroy the wall. The right use of spells in the game increase winning chances but decreases time.

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